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I was unable to find any citation for Abercorn's membership in the the Bow Group, so the reference was removed.

Also, I did not add the Source Watch related links, because I believe most of them are poorly written and not properly sourced. Some of the related Sourcewatch links would be:

- Hugh Manatee 19:17, 6 Jul 2005 (EDT)

bow group on google searches

In Re Abercorn's affiliation with The Bow Group:

Google Searches - July 6, 2005:

  1. "bow group" "Annesley Abercorn" - returned 0
  2. bow group "Annesley Abercorn" - returned 0
  3. "bow group" Annesley Abercorn - returned 0
  4. bow group Annesley Abercorn - returned 26-none with relevance I could see

no citation offered once again on the article repost of affiliation with the Bow Group.

Removed again