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Curious: Not one single search item showed up for Bill Tierney dated 2004. So, where was this guy from about October 2003 until March 2005?
Artificial Intelligence 12:01, 29 Mar 2005 (EST)

Curious 2: Apparently Tierney, talking about WMD, Saddam, and the French aiding and abetting Saddam, did an interview on Hannity & Colmes the Monday night before Bush made his "famous" remarks about Iraq in his State of the Union speech.

Another Bush shill both manufacturing the news and cooking the intel.

Artificial Intelligence 13:17, 29 Mar 2005 (EST)

for the moment I just fixed the formatting on the link to the jihad manual on the smoking gun website. But a) how do we know that's what he was referring to b) what is the context of that document and c) how do we know it is authentic? --Bob Burton 21:18, 24 Feb 2006 (EST)