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Why I used the term "shadowy"

On Feb. 1, 2005 a google search with the string, "Citizens for the Common Defence"[1] returned 92 records. Not one of the records was a direct pointer to the organisation itself.

This is why I used the "biased" term shadowy in reference to them. If someone has a direct pointer to this org, I would be happy to remove the adjective.

Until then, I consider it to be appropriate.

cheers - --Hugh Manatee 04:10, 1 Feb 2005 (EST)

Berenson - situationalist

Keep in mind that Berenson has, after the 2000 election, been a vocal advocate of increasing the executive's power. Also keep in mind that Berenson is a prime candidate for a future appointment to the federal bench.

"Cisneros Pleads Guilty"[2]; Washington Post, September 8, 1999
Former housing secretary Henry G. Cisneros pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of lying to the FBI about money he paid to a former mistress, ending a wide-ranging independent counsel investigation that lasted more than four years and cost more than $9 million.