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Article says: "Brent Wilkes is the defense contractor who "allowed" Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham the "use of a 14.5-foot, 170-horsepower fiberglass boat several years ago when it was docked near Cunningham's yacht in Washington, D.C.," Dean Calbreath and Jerry Kammer wrote ( September 10, 2005, for Copley News Service."

This is incorrect. I mean, yes, that's what it says in the article, but it was Wade that owned the boat, right?

--- My reading of the article is that Wilkes owned the 14.5 foot boat while Wade owned the 'Duke Stir" which Cunniungham lived on after he sold his own boat, the Kelly C. Can't see that there is anything incorrect. --Bob Burton 17:15, 23 Feb 2006 (EST)