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This material is in the talk section because it predates the innaugeration.

Astute BuzzFlash reader Kelly Ann Kelly notes on 5 April 2004 that the GOP party platform pages for the 2000 campaign are still online.

a search of its Principled American Leadership section for instances of "terror" yields:

  • American security need no longer depend on the old nuclear balance of terror.
  • We need to address threats from both rogue states and terrorist group -- whether delivered by missile, aircraft, shipping container, or suitcase. In this context, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is another anachronism of obsolete strategic thinking. This treaty is not verifiable, not enforceable, and would not enable the United States to ensure the reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent. It also does not deal with the real dangers of nuclear proliferation, which are rogue regimes -- such as Iran, Iraq, and North Korea -- that seek to hide their dangerous weapons programs behind weak international treaties. We can fight the spread of nuclear weapons, but we cannot wish them away with unwise agreements. Republicans in the Senate reacted accordingly and responsibly in rejecting the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. A new Republican president will renew America's faltering fight against the contagious spread of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, as well as their means of delivery. The weak leadership and neglect of the administration have allowed America's intelligence capabilities, including space based systems, to atrophy, resulting in repeated proliferation surprises such as Iraq's renewed chemical and biological weapons programs, India's nuclear weapon test, and North Korea's test of a three-stage ballistic missile. Again in a partnership with the Congress, a new Republican administration will give the intelligence community the leadership, resources, and operational latitude it requires.

and there is no mention of Osama bin Laden

The author concludes by noting that

In contrast, the 2000 Democratic Party Platform mentions Bin Laden by name: "Battling Terrorism. Whether terrorism is sponsored by a foreign nation or inspired by a single fanatic individual, such as Osama Bin Laden, Forward Engagement requires trying to disrupt terrorist networks, even before they are ready to attack." (Link: )

A search of the entire GOP site, using their onsite search engine, for "terror" yields nothing prior to 9/13/2001

Great going, M ... Also see Christopher Meyer article ... more support!