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Carbon Sequestration
Agrichar or Biochar (Note: This process holds extraordinary promise)

Soils offer new hope as carbon sink
Scientific American
Native Prairie and Agrichar for Carbon Negative Energy
Nutrient Recovery from Integrated Cellulosic Biorefineries

James Horn

WCI Link

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Proposed restructure of the article page

I'd like to propose a restructuring of this page along the following lines:

  • the Carbon Capture and Storage page provides a general overview of the technology, the timeline, its pitfalls etc. Any CCS project specific information would be generally kept to a brief statement and there to illustrate a specific issue;
  • the main page would also have a prominent section with links to national profile pages such as Carbon Capture and Storage in India etc;
  • then each national page would have a list of each of the CCS projects in that country; and
  • there would be a page which had a list of all the CCS projects in all countries;

This would mean that some/most of the US specific project information would be moved off the current CCS page to a new Carbon Capture and Storage in the United States.

How does that sound?