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I'm inclined to think this is more appropriate on the talk page as it can't be verified. --Bob Burton 22:52, 4 October 2007 (EDT)

The Photographer's Story of the Assault

I am a current federal employee and a U.S. Navy veteran of 12 years. The day of September 15th I was walking around the neighborhood where I live near the U.S. Capitol. I personally witnessed and photographed the shocking assault on Carlos Arredondo. I was on my way home, walking through the crowd when the assault occured. I photographed the entire sequence and took pictures of the assailants to turn over to the police. As I gave my statements to the officers and showed them the photographs, I became aware of the assailants watching me closely. I overheard some of them talking, they were plotting to take my camera. The U.S. Capitol Police had to escort me out of the area in order to maintain my safety. I have turned over all the images to Mr. Arredondo and his wife in hopes that they will be able to prosecute the men who commited this crime.

The above paragraph is true, she did indeed give her information to the police, and later her photos to Carlos. The photos are at, under media. I wrote the article referenced in the body of the main page here, I am Hannah Johns. My audiofile, down page on right at, of my experience at the incident were recorded the next day. The article I wrote for has been picked up on a number of sites, unfortunately the title was not written by me, nor the photo captions. They were changed on alternet and a few other sites, the title only was changed at afterdowningstreet. I mention this only because the truth is good enough, no need for hyperbole here. The titles served to enflame both sides, especially the Gathering of Eagles. The man who ripped off the photo of Alex is no mere over-enthusiastic 'patriot' but a graduate of Fordham Law School, and current executive in a high tech company. This group and others do not shrink from verbal abuse, or physical assault. Carlos says of himself 'I'm not an angel' when talking about his physical response to the ripping off of the photo. I resisted the guy who tried to take the flag from me, but would have been no match had the casket not been between us.