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  • In June 2013 (in the wake of the defeat of the anti-union Prop 32) the Center filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Christian Educators Association International (who strongly oppose same-sex marriage and reproductive rights) and 10 California teachers, arguing that mandatory union fees are "a form of compelled speech".[1] The case is currently pending in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

College campaign against affirmative action

In 1999, the Center for Individual Rights began an aggressive campaign encouraging students to sue their colleges for considering racial identity in admission decisions. The Center placed advertisements in at least fifteen campus papers outlining the process and providing resources for students to investigate and charge their schools.[2] The most recent anti-affirmative action lawsuit was filed in June 2014 by the Center, representing a graduate student at the University of Connecticut.[3]


Staff: [4]

Board of Directors: [5]


  • Ann Coulter, who in a 2012 [1] interview with ABC News reminiscen about her time at the Center.[6]
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