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Repaste from article page -- -- On a page presently deleted from Alexis de Tocqueville Institution's website Cox is on the AdTI board of directors, during a smear campaign against Linux and "Open-Source" software involving AdTI, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Competive Enterprise Institute, and TechCentralStation. [1] [2]

-- Two queries: 1) How do we know the two Chris Cox's referred to are the same person? I see no evidence to support that they are. It is entirely feasible they are two different people given the rather common name. 2) I accept that AdTI have been funded by Microsoft. While it has been repeatedly asserted by contributors that AdTI's and other groups criticism of Linux/open source is a breach of court orders on Microsoft, it is unclear what the basis for this claim is and whose opinion it is. What exactly does the court order referred to say? How are the named groups supposedly in breach of this? Has this issue been raised publicly? Or is it the opinion of the contributor? In the absence of substantiation I have deleted it. cheers - --Bob Burton 23:36, 8 Jun 2004 (EDT)

On the site of 'The House Police Comitee' ( you can read on the 'about' page:

"Rep. Christopher Cox (CA) was elected Policy Chairman when Republicans won the House Majority in 1994."

On the same site on the page Chinese Leaders Commend Chairman Cox for Select Committee Work:

"The letter was presented at a recent ceremony honoring Chairman Cox with the 1999 Alexis de Tocqueville Statesmanship Award."

On the AdTI site on the page FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin Recipient of 2003 ADTI Statesmanship Award:

"Previous statesmanship award winners have included Congressman Chris Cox, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, and the Nasdaq's first president, Gordon Macklin."

Also on the AdTI site, now on page Alexis de Tocqueville Statesmanship Award 1987-2003:

"Congressman Chris Cox and [sic] discusses Chinese espionage and U.S. trade policy with Tocqueville supporters on the eve of the Cox report. (From 1999 award ceremony.)"

So to me, it seems obvious that Christopher Cox on the page ( still in the cache of Google so the page was recently removed) is the same person. BTW, the contents of that page is/was (emails delinked):

Staff and Associates
Name Title Email
Mike Gravel Chairman
Ken Brown
Christopher Cox Co-Chairman
AdTI Board of Advisors
John Norquist Co-Chairman
AdTI Board of Advisors
Gordon Macklin Co-Chairman
Market History Research Program
Robert Toricelli Co-Chairman
IMF Assessment Project
Gregory Fossedal Senior Fellow
Donald Payne Co-Chairman
Opportunity Africa
Alveda King Senior Fellow
Education Policy and Civil Rights
Becky Norton Dunlop Director, Democracy and the Environment Research Program
David Kirkpatrick Fellow, Education Policy
Dan Evans Teacher Choice Fellow
Don Koniezco Teacher Choice Fellow
Marilyn Ketter Rittmeyer Teacher Choice Fellow
Sahir Zuberi Webmaster

Hope this helps. Bonzai 23:12, 9 Jun 2004 (EDT)

I'll look more closely at this early next week - have a backlog of other pages I need to get through first -- but itcertianly seems like you have narrowed the gap -- well done -- be in touch --Bob Burton 08:47, 10 Jun 2004 (EDT)