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I have relocated these two sections from the article page, as they seem a little tangential to the article on Civitas. See indented notes below pars. --Bob Burton 01:48, 17 Jun 2006 (EDT)

Tom Flanagan, a longtime friend of Mr. Harper and also his campaign manager for the leadership of the Conservative Party and for two federal elections in Canada, is a founder of the group [Ibid]. Flanagan has been described as the "man behind Harper", [1] and he is part of a powerful nucleus of neo-conservative ideologues at the University of Calgary, including Barry Cooper, Rainer Knopff and Ted Morton, known widely as the Calgary School". Both Cooper and Flanagan are fellows at the conservative think thank, the Fraser Institute.
While Flanagan may be close to/a major influence on Harper, it doesn't seem that there is a direct link between him and others in the Calgary School and Civitas. In which case this is a bit off topic for a profile on Civitas. Indirect links are best covered in the Other SourceWatch resources sectiuon which I'll return to add later.
This exclusive hotel was the meeting place just one month later of the exclusive and highly secretive Bilderberg Group.
Again, this is a very indirect circumstantial link that doesn't really add much, esp on an article on Civitas.