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Entire text of Clean Energy America press release sent to Wisconsin media in February 2009:

Clean Energy America Visits Madison to Discuss the State's Nuclear Ban and How Nuclear Energy Can Create New Jobs and Reduce State-Wide CO2 Emissions

Nuclear Energy Experts Available for Interviews

MADISON - Wisconsin legislators are considering lifting the moratorium on building new nuclear plants in the state, providing an opportunity for communities that host new nuclear plants to generate hundreds of new, long-term jobs. Clean Energy America (CEA), a new program comprised of young energy experts in the nuclear field, will meet with college students, civic groups and the news media in, Madison, Tuesday February 24, to discuss the benefits of nuclear energy. With estimates of an increase in electricity demand as high as 25 percent by the year 2030 in the U.S., the expansion of nuclear energy is imperative because it is the only large source of energy that can readily expand to meet the ever-growing demand for electricity that does not emit carbon into the atmosphere.

As rising leaders in their field, CEA speakers play a crucial role in the nuclear energy industry and in the nation's energy industry as a whole. Some work day- to-day in nuclear power plants as nuclear and design engineers. Others have backgrounds in finance, law and mining. Many are young professionals; all feel compelled to share their expertise and passion for a clean, reliable and affordable energy source. CEA speakers will be available for interviews throughout the tour.

CEA is sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute. More information can be found on the CEA website, . For questions or to arrange an interview please contact Allison Sparks, 703-740-1755,