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Quick catch Bob. I first noticed it about a week and a half ago. Probably not germane, but my first impressions are that even though it claims wikipedia is biased (implying liberal bias), the site has strong biases. Conservapedia's vision of religious propriety seems to tilt strongly toward a Catholic world-view, and uses sleight-of-hand derision as a methodology.

Example-found on their Harry Potter page:

Some evangelical Christians have attempted to ban the books in public schools. On October 3rd, 2006, A Georgian mother Laura Mallory attempted to get the books banned from schools because she felt they promote witchcraft. However, in 2003, a Vatican representative said the books "aren't serving as the banner for an anti-Christian theology...

Silly Evangelicals, authoritarian decrees are for The Vatican...

As usual, I'm off-thread on a tangent, but this is also an example of why the "America Founded as a Christian Nation" meme that many TheoCons attempt to assert is fallacious. There is no totality of a Christian whole, no oneness. It is a set of divisive and oppositional sects. The fact that the US has never experienced much internecine violence between Christian sects is not because of a higher-order Christian gestalt, but was an effect of a strong governmental prohibition for endorsing any religion whatsoever.

--hugh_manateee 09:23, 20 March 2007 (EDT)

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