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Since when did Daniel Pipes' Middle East Quarterly become a valid source? His magazine has even declared Hussein Ibish, an agnostic, an "islamic extremist". The article does not have a single credible source. It uses Accuracy in Media, Daniel Pipes, WorldNetDaily, Friends of Liberty, Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, National Review, Capitalism Magazine and Campus Watch for sources.

The comment next to James Horn's edit is "CAIR butting into US politics". Since CAIR is an american organization, perhaps you could explain the implication in your comment. Or are you disappointed that the Patriot Act was not extended? --Idrees 20:54, 26 Jun 2006 (EDT)

There are 19 current citations to external links. Here's some analysis:

4 are directly related to Daniel Pipes:

  • Daniel Pipes - New York Post
  • Daniel Pipes - Capitalism Magazine
  • Daniel Pipes - Campus Watch
  • Khalid Durán - Middle East Quarterly/Middle East Forum.

3 are quickly interrelated by Paul M. Weyrich, who is noted as a contributor to

  • Bob Jones -
  • Paul M. Weyrich - Accuracy in Media.
  • Paul M. Weyrich - Free Congress.

4 with immediate bias concerns:

  • John J. Miller & Ramesh Ponnuru - National Review Online
  • Joseph Farah - WorldNetDaily.
  • Lee Moore - ChronWatch
  • Anita Stieglitz - Jerusalem Post

2 outrageous citations:

  • Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator at the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies - "The Freeman Center for Strategic Studies aids Israel in her quest to survive in a hostile world."[1]
  • Rula Borelli - Friends of Liberty -- The Friends of Liberty is owned and operated by known madcap conspiracy theorist, Todd Fahey, whose own posted biography at freeconservatives dot com states, "Columnist for an anti-liberal-activist activist 32 years old with a degree in absolutely NOTHING Life has taught me more than school ever could. Employed in the power industry for 13 years. RNC sustaining member."

2 WTFs?

  • the gospelcon dot net link indentified with having been "originally posted at" is a dead link
  • who is Andrew Hagen, and why is his short post that references Joe Kaufman even considered to be germane?

That's 15 of the 19 external citations.

--hugh_manateee 03:24, 2 July 2007 (EDT)