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14 December 2009 12:18 PM MST
Parking unreferenced/inadequately referenced material:

  • National Ski Patrol - Auxillary Patroller 2005
  • Simpson was tasked to enforce the Dayton Peace Accord, primarily operating in the Adriatic Sea during 1995-1996 for enforcement of economic sanctions, of which included the embargo of November 21, 1995 of Certain "Persons Who Threaten International Stabilization" in the Former Yugoslavia. The ship participated in numerous operations including Operation Sharp Guard and Standing Naval Forces Atlantic, with NATO forces.
  • Drafted the first Articles of Organization establishing its charter on November 17, 2005 ACC File Number 1217414-4
  • Silver served as a deck seaman, navigation department and first class swimmer on the USS Simpson FFG-56, an Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided missile frigate in the Department of the Navy.
  • Majored in Communication Studies, Minor in Business Marketing.

11 December 2009 11:51 AM
Parking inadequately referenced and unreferenced material (2 references below point to a MySpace page that doesn't mention subject of article):

  • National Ski Patrol - Auxillary Ski Patrol [1]
  • Volunteer Repoter for Volunteer Center of Pinal County [2]
  • FBI Selective Special Agent Candidate 2004

10 December 2009
Information relative to Silverwind Power Corp. and its operation is pertinent, but non-germane information may be removed as puff.

Parked the following unreferenced info and/or puff:

United States Navy

Silver served as a seaman and first class swimmer on the Simpson FFG-56, an Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided missile frigate in the Department of the Navy. On September 10, 1994 he was inducted in the US Navy Reserves in Phoenix, Arizona.

File:USS-Simpson FFG 56 Statue of Liberty.jpg
Simpson sails past Lady Liberty

Major awards and decorations

Timeline of Realestate

  • Strout Realty, April 1988
  • Mutual Realty Investment Corporation, June 1988
  • Great Western Business Exchange, June 1989
  • Raml Realty, December 2003

Commander D.A. Block, United States Navy Personal Award

  • Commanding Officer United States Navy presents to Seaman David Silver letter of appreciation “Excellence in the preparation and service provided in support of the Navy League reception on September 4, 1995 on board U.S.S Simpson at Stamford, CT”. “Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!” D.A. BLOCK, Commander United States Navy
  • National Ski Patrol - Auxillary Ski Patrol <ref>National Ski Patrol (GLOBAL) [ Ski Patrol Syetems]</ref>
  • David received his Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Organizational Communication and a Minor in Business Marketing/Theatrical Arts from Arizona State University in May of 1992.

Anne Landman, SourceWatch Editor

9 December 2009 8:41 AM MST
Dear Silver Kid,
Please read SourceWatch's policy on persons posting on themselves:

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Anne Landman, SourceWatch Editor

10 December 2009
Parking puff

  • Miss Teen United States-World 2007 - Host/Judge

9 December 2009 8:41 AM MST

Relocated personal puffery:

==Arizona Life==

Has extensive international travel, including the middle east. Certified with the NASDS in 1982, with over 125 or more dives. On January 9, 2008 was transferred over to Scuba Schools International dive association. Has been featured in numerous movies of which his biggest role of where he played a lavished banker. The film was produced by Hollywood Moguls Ron Howard and Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment for the $25 million dollar budget "Young Americans" (2010) scheduled to be in theatres on January 9, 2010. Profiles on David can be viewed on interfilmes,

IMDb "The Internet Movie Database" and Motion Pictures [3]

==Billion Dollar Corporation CEO Geoffrey C. Bible==
Back in 1998, while Silver was residing in Florida, he received a letter from the then current CEO of Phillip Morris Companies Inc., approving of his ideas for corporate growth which included banking, real estate, telecommunications and the Internet sectors. While Silver was in study of the stock market, he thought that he should share his thoughts with CEO Geoffrey C. Bible and in turn the CEO responded with a detailed letter addressed to the young Silver (referenced letter in body of article CEO OF BILLION)

==Political Encounters and Interest==
Has personally met a U.S. President, 5-Star General and done business with an retired, three Term U.S. Senator. 12 August 2004 "Race For The Presidency: Campaign in Arizona "Arizona Republic Newspaper" (USA). In 1995, Seaman Silver had an opportunity to meet Retired 5 Star General Colin Powell in Norfolk, Virginia[4][5] "(Quote) Seaman Silver Regarding Colin Powell For U.S. President "Sounds Independant Navy News Week" (USA) 25 August 1995, Vol. 22, Iss. No. 43, pg. 14, by: Soundings Editor David Stump, [6]

Anne Landman, SourceWatch editor


30 November 2009 11:44 AM MST
Relocated the following quote to the talk page, pending an authoritative reference:

  • Silver quote, "The tides were swirling us around and nobody would dare help us, not even the famous The Princess Cruise ship of which sailed by not even stopping to acknowledge our distress of the stranded boat, I remember waving at the Cruise ship but they just kept going, not even signaling us whatsover."[citation needed]

Anne Landman, SW/TobaccoWiki editor

17 November 2009 5:20 PM MST
Relocated this passage to talk page because it appears to be about someone else:

Enforcement of The Dayton Peace Accord

Simpson deployed to the Mediterranean joining the United States Sixth Fleet NATO's Standing Naval Force Atlantic. Simpson operated in the Adriatic Sea enforcing UN arms embargo against Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and participating in Operation Sharp Guard. Simpson returned to Norfolk 8 May 1996.

Much of this article appears unrelated to SourceWatch's goal of exposing corporate and government spin and propaganda, and most of the information is unreferenced.

Anne Landman SourceWatch/TobaccoWiki Editor

13 November 2009 9:40 PM MST
Authoritative references can be quite varied. They can include government records, newspaper reports, journal articles or other published records, e.g. videos, a company's annual report or other corporate documents, (e.g., memos, correspondence, internal reports and presentations), resume's, books, etc. Electronic sources are preferred, whenever possible.

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Anne Landman, SourceWatch/TobaccoWiki Editor

9 November 2009, 1:43 PM MST
This article needs authoritative references for the information added. Anne Landman, SourceWatch/TobaccoWiki Edit US Merchant Marines does not have a website for citation, AZ Corp Commission file number is citation for CEO, SEC Arizona does not have a website for source. What do you have in mind for citing these?

Anne, would you be so kind a help David Jason Silver correctly cite his references. Thank you so much.

Edit note

I deleted the following par - first sentence no ref. 3,000 acres hardly makes one a "land baron".--Bob Burton 04:32, 8 December 2009 (UTC)

"Since the late 1980's, Silver has been involved in real estate from all angles, including water and mineral rights, all the way up to large land negotiations. His land holdings places him in the category of Land Baron [7]

Edit note

9 December 2009
Anne Landman Parking scuba photo (puff)

CEO Silver 27 Year Certification as a scuba diver

Parking Marine logo (puff)

File:MARAD Seal.gif
United States Merchant Marine Seal
File:Maricopa County Board.jpg
Vice-Chairman Brock recommends CEO
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