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Edit notes

1. Re the section on "Pharmaceutical interests" (relocated below) - it wasn't clear to me exactly what the connection between David Rockefeller and the pharma industry is. While the preceding section refers to the Rockefeller "family" having a financial interest in the Chase Manhattan Bank, (now JP Morgan Chase) it is not quite clear what David Rockefeller's role/interest is.

The section below refers to "The Rockefeller empire" but again the role of David in this is not clear. As the page is about an individual, it should be specific to the individual.

2. There is a lot in the following par that is unreferenced and nor does checking the article cited as the source help. There is a lot on the web -- especially from LaRouchite sources -- that conflates factual material with speculation. The cited source doesn't seem to be to be a source we should rely on.--Bob Burton 16:33, 11 October 2009 (EDT)


I just put the ref back in for what was left of section 2 on NAFTA/FTAA, so it would be sourced. The expanded section on pharmaceutical interests is on the Rockefeller Foundation page.

Lisa 10/12