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please fact check this

"and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Institute of United States Studies, University of London."
I have - that's what it says in his Heritage Foundation bio. Have added the ref to the article page.--Bob Burton 00:55, 7 Jan 2005 (EST)

"The Institute for the Study of the Americas was officially established in August 2004 as a result of a merger between the Institute of Latin American Studies and the Institute of United States Studies, both of which were established in 1965." --

I did a decent, but less than comprehensive search on the site and came up with one link to a speech in a pdf file (not read) after searching for Meese.

Eddie M. may just be a former fellow, I couldn't find anything official on the site though.(once again non-comprehensive search) Don't blame it on Ed though, he hasn't been able to recall anything that matters since before the mid eighties.[1]

I see that Wikipedia still cringes in fear from controversy, even when it is truthful. You do not even mention the Iran/Contra investigation in Meese's page?

let me refresh your memory...i'd post all proper and serious like on the real page, but some wussy would just quickly delete it in a hissy fit.

All citations in this section will be from:

The Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters
Volume I: Investigations and Prosecutions
Lawrence E. Walsh: Independent Counsel
August 4, 1993 - Washington, D.C.
Chapter 31 - Edwin Meese III: November 1986
(Note:: the document linked is the Federation of american Scientist's Online Version)
"Attorney General Edwin Meese III became directly involved in the Reagan Administration's secret plan to sell weapons to Iran in January 1986, when he was asked for a legal opinion to support the plan. When the secret arms sales became exposed in November 1986, raising questions of legality and prompting congressional and public scrutiny, Meese became the point man for the Reagan Administration's effort, in Meese's words, 'to limit the damage." - (paragraph 1)

In fact, even though he was Attorney General at the time, he claimed that he was moonlighting while

"...conducting the November 21-24 investigation as 'counselor' and 'friend' to the President....Independent Counsel concluded that...he was building a case of deniability for his client-in-fact, President Reagan...The President was potentially exposed to charges of illegal conduct if he was knowledgeable of the shipment and had not reported it to Congress, under the requirements of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and in the absence of a Finding. But Meese apparently never questioned the President himself about whether he approved or knew about the November 1985 HAWK shipment. When Meese got answers in his inquiry that did not support his defense of the President, he apparently ignored them, as he did with Secretary of State George P. Shultz's revelation on November 22 that the President had told him that he had known of the HAWK shipment in advance." - (paragraph4)

Let's see now...two paragraphs and already we have dereliction of duty as a US attorney General, malpractice of Law, deceitful testimony, etc.

"QUICK" the NeoConMan suddenly shouts, "look behind you": "it's the penis of the president past!"

also, by the way mates, let me be the first to offer congrats

on your being referenced as the authoritarian source for the term "passport" in a recent Pakistan Daily Times article:

"Who needs religion in passports anyway? According to the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia, a “passport is a formal identity document or certification issued by a national government that identifies the holder as a citizen of a particular country, and requests permission, in the name of the sovereign or government of the issuing country, for the bearer to be permitted to enter and pass through other countries. Passports are connected with the right of legal protection abroad and the right to enter one’s country of citizenship. Passports usually contain the holder’s photograph, signature, date of birth, nationality, and sometimes other means of individual identification.” The last (such as a mole or a cut mark) does not appear in modern passports."
Azmi, Razi - "Thinking Aloud: Mind the genie, mon general"[2] - Pakistan Daily Times - December 30, 2004

no need to ban my dynamic IP, this is my first post on wikiPee in a couple of years, and i have no intention of posting again anytime soon.


Cheers mates, ya'll are doing a real bang-up job here, and if you'd ever get over your girlieboyishness regarding the controversies of recent facts it would be brilliant. Iran/Contra happened. These Reagan Administration members broke many laws much worse than lying about a bj in testimony given in a cilvil suit subsequently thrown out summary judgement.

And these same thievs, liars, and Non-Subordinated by the Constitution (NSC) have been put back into our government by George "Wanker Masqueing Dumbfoundedness" Bush.

At the very least, Abrams, Clarrige, Poindexter, North, Shultz, Meese, Weinberger, Regan (note spelling), GHW Bush, and Meese should have the Iran/Contra report listed on their bio pages, or you are doing free-source data-flows and possibly history itself, an extreme disservice here.

But you can leave Ronnie out, cause

...Fundamentally, it could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that President Reagan knew of the underlying facts of Iran/contra that were criminal or that he made criminal misrepresentations regarding them....
...In the Iran initiative, President Reagan chose to proceed in the utmost secrecy, disregarding the Administration's public policy prohibiting arms sales to nations supporting terrorism. He also chose to forgo congressional notification under the National Security Act and the Arms Export Control Act. Having bypassed accountability to Congress, the President failed either to establish an effective system of accountability within the Administration or to monitor the series of activities he authorized.

Reagan's oral and written testimony and interrogative answers during the Iran Contra Investigation include the following:

  • "I do not recall,..."
  • "I did not have any inkling..."
  • "I can not recall whether I remembered..."
  • "I do not possess any independent knowledge..."
  • "I cannot recall anything whatsoever about whether I approved...
  • "I was given talking points in preparation for that conference..."
  • "I did not know that Lt. Col. North participated..."
  • "the question is too broad to be answered specifically"
  • "In trying to recall events that happened eighteen months ago, I'm afraid that I let myself be influenced by others' recollections, not my own . ."
  • "It is not my practice to review the Congressional testimony of my senior officials "
  • "My answer therefore and the simple truth is, `I don't remember -- period."

Some of the finding regarding Reagan that Walsh made in his final report included:

  • "...President Reagan was apparently unconcerned as to the details of how his policy objectives for contra support were being carried out by subordinates who were operating virtually free from oversight or accountability."
  • "...a diary kept by White House Counsel Peter Wallison indicates President Reagan's state of confusion as his staff tried to prepare him for the Tower Commission interview."
  • "The passage of time, claims of dimmed recollections and the running of the statute of limitations protected the underlying acts."
  • "In an extensive interview of Reagan conducted in Los Angeles in July 1992, Independent Counsel satisfied himself that President Reagan's memory of the Iran initiative and much of his memory of contra support during the Boland cut-off period is now very faded."
  • "By July 1992, when Reagan agreed to a final, extensive interview with Independent Counsel, it was obvious that the former President truly lacked specific recollection of even the major Iran/contra events which took place in 1984-1987."

The Walsh Report (cited above)
Part IX Investigations of the White House
Chapter 27: President Reagan [3]

Ronald Reagan, asleep at the helm of history

-- 18:02, 30 Dec 2004 (EST)


I looked on the main SourceWatch Meese page and find that you missed the citation I hold with incredulity.

It is the Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Institute of United States Studies, University of London citation that wikipedia, and all of Meese's American conservative orgs list that i question. I have no doubts that the Heritage Foundation has given Edwin a lifer fellowship.

Still no mention of nor even a link to thw Walsh report's chapter regarding Edwin Meese?


I confess; fess-up; 'twas I who on th 30th was reading some current heritage pdf's, just freefall_streaming no purpose in mind. In startlement didst i espy a reaganconRodent, post-rehab acceptabilleted in a heritage found's cranny.

I hate meeses to pieces! (not really)

Awash in illumination; razor-edged focus, a sign from divine to auger the threads of Edwin's bioData. Google this, cluster that, tahoma I ranged, but all tanks excreted same wordPerfected PR - minor diffs - it really stank, and the onlined opensourced refs just copy 'n' pastes, more of the same, doubtful and unchecked.

I went metamorph into Authoritarian Man, questing for the source of Primacy.

An immediate discovery: The Institute of United States Studies, University of London==nullPointer. It was melded in with another U of London Americas Studies, the admixture now titled, The Institute for the Study of the Americas. Maybe BushVision-USA has decreased Brits' valuation of US?

I was unable to find any good reference to Meese at all in a decent, but quick spinning search, other than a pdf that did not distinguish him as a senior fellow.

Fortune or misfortune offered a propitious omen as I backed away from the U of London web, closing tabs mozilla style; Wikipedia's Meese node was left on top. (I already possessed the Pak data Packet, and a possible intent of offering the citation on wikipedia anyway). So in the throes of raving lunacy I posted behind the Meese data on the talk page, the contents of which have magically appeared here, indicatory of a permeable membership between WikiP and DisinfoP.

I know I am oft the mad poster, but I toss real data with it. Tame in comparison to fothermucker url pron_psoters. If you feel I impair, simply state it and I'll leave, but first may I ask one question, Mr. Burton?

May I inquire as to the health of America's Foreign Minister to Australia, Mr. Howard?

cheers mate, peace....--Hugh Manatee 09:18, 7 Jan 2005 (EST)