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An article in the german online magazine Telepolis has some more background information: Telepolis article (in german)

The +352 country prefix in their phone number is the prefix for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Europe. A quick lookup on the Luxembourgish governement website has shown that the Foundation is not a registered association there, though.


Another website dealing with the ESAG:

Bjørn Stærk's blog


Yet another article which sheds some light on ESAG (in french)

Article at


A traceroute to gives

$ traceroute

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets

1 ...


16 ( 46.771 ms 54.935 ms 62.899 ms

The domain has apparently been registered in France by an individual named Christophe Legrand on 04-Dec-2003

Link to Internic


In the October 2004 newsletter of the ICLN (International Criminal Law Network, ICLN Website) the ESAG is welcomed as a new Institutional member and introduced with this description " ESAG The European The European Security Advocacy Group was formed in direct response to severe increases in terrorism activities since the beginning of this millennium. It operates independent of any political or governmental involvement with the single objective of educating and motivating opinion leaders and decision-makers to promote further law to combat terrorism. The Group is privately founded and places messages in newspapers, magazines and television. These are designed to heighten people's awareness of the threats terrorism poses and to demonstrate that terrorism offers no answer to the needs of today's societies. The European Security Advocacy Group is opposed to terrorism in all its forms and guises. Messages directed against specific terrorist groups reflect our response to deadly attacks for those who have claimed responsibilty.

Contact Details: Jorg Borgwardt Spokesperson Advisory Board De Lairessestraat 131 - 135 1075 HJ Amsterdam Tel +31 20 4700-177 Fax + 31 20 6710-974 Email: Website:"