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Evolution is a theory, a possible explanation of existence, set forth by Charles Darwin in his book "On the Origins of Species by Means of Natural Selection for the Preservation of Favored Races." This theory was taught as a fact for many decades but due the excercise of critical thinking and the scientific method, a growing number of scientists are begin to voice their doubt as to whether or not this theory has any scientific basis. Evolution holds that a large cosmic explosion took place that resulted in the formation of earth. A puddle of gasses mixed and over millions and millions of years the gasses formed a single-celled organism. After millions of more years that organism, through the media of genetic mutation, became more complex and from nothing came everything that we have today. From the most extreme form of chaos, an explosion, came the most complex and sophisticated order that we know of. The proponents of this theory ignore some very important facts.

The Law of Entropy This undisputable law of nature states that over time everything in the know world goes from order to chaos, from complex to simple as matter decomposes. Nothing has ever been observed scientifically to get more complex over time. Any experiment you conduct to verify this law of nature will show that over time everything moves toward chaos. That is natural. Make no attempt to clean you house, or bedroom for one month and prove this law. Your room will not clean and organize itself. It will get messier and messier until and intelligent being, that's you, puts effort into making it clean. This is a scientific law that totally contradicts the tenets of evolution.

The Realm of Science Many argue that evolution is taught because its science and not religion. What makes science is the ability to Observe, Test and Prove or Disprove a given theory. We can observe God in the act of creation so it is argued that the Theory of Creation is not science. When asked how we are to Observe and Test evolution it's proponents say it happens to slowly so we just have to trust that it happened based on very little circumstantial evidence and no physical evidence. Even though there are many species that reproduce very quickly, like the fruit fly-every 11 days-, evolution has never been observed, yet it is considered by its faithful followers as the only scientific answer.

Genetic Mutation, the Engine of Evolution Genetic Mutation is how evolution works. Mutated genes are said to be how a fish turned into a bird, and a bird into a lion, and a lion into an elephant. The problem is for over 60 years scientists have produced every possible mutation and of the millions and millions of mutations being produced all over the world every month, not one single mutation has ever been shown to be benificial let alone to produce anything close to another species. Even evolutionary scientists are begining to admit that they have to come up with a "new engine" because no matter how many tests they run they can't show any mutations other than deformitites and sicknesses. Some faithful evolutionists go so far as to claim that sickle cell anemia is an example of a positive mutation because those infected with this disease have shown an immunity to malaria. The fact that known, horribly painful diseases are being offered as proof for evolution shows how fast this theory is sinking.

Racist and Sexist Darwin states in his book that Favored Races are preserved and the whites are the Favored, higher evolved race. White's, he claims, are superior to blacks and other minorities, and men are superior to women. Does that sound like science? I don't think so.

These are just a few of the inconsistencies and problems that you have to ignore to believe in evolution. Some argue that evolution is the only alternative to a theory that involves God. If this is only alternative it doesn't make IT true but it sure does give anyone who really wants to know the truth a lot of very good reasons to investigate the true scientific evidence for Intelligent Design or Creationism, more and more scientists are.Everyone is entitled to believe in whatever they want, God, evolution, intelligent design, or even aliens. But it's not true that evolution is science and intelligent design is religion. Evolution takes much more faith to believe than Creation.