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In a March 10, 2006, email to Instapundit Blog's Glenn Reynolds, Johannes wrote: "A group similar to Progress for America got tired of running ads about Iraq, and the legacy media. ... So, they decided to get the message out the old fashioned way: Buying it.

"Some of the ads are non partisan, me and some soldiers talking about Iraq. ... A few are openly partisan. I didn't do any of the partisan ads. ... You can see it here.

"I'll be giving a speech at the National Press Club tomorrow (Thursday) about the ad series and make the following predictions:

"A. We will be generally ignored

"B. Some member of the Legacy Media will say, "JD Johannes is a partisan by doing ads for Bush."

"C. They will fail to realize that in the ads I appear in, there is no partisan angle. I either say unflattering things about the media or just talk about what I saw in Iraq. Part of the deal was I would do the ads, but would not do a partisan ad.

"D. The legacy media is so screwed up they equate an attack on them with an attack on the Democrats/liberals.

"E. At some point they will try to discredit me, Rich Gibson, Lawrence Indyk, and the few people behind Americas Majority. We all know how unreliable bloggers are....

"At any rate, it should be kinda fun.

"Let's see if these predictions pan out. Perhaps J.D. will be pleasantly surprised."