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Are the People's Party listed in the profile and the People's Alliance listed as a client the same or different organisations? -- Bob

I think that was a typo, can't find info about it now, amended -- Gangle

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I removed the following section from the material copied across from the NuclearSpin profile. It seems to me that this is rather tangential to an article on Foresight. At best it belongs on the Scientific Alliance page. --Bob Burton 19:25, 23 December 2007 (EST)

Advisory board

The Scientific Alliance's Advisory Board is interesting and includes pro-biotech scientists such as Anthony Trewavas; ex-living Marxists Bill Durodie of King's College London; Martin Livermore, Independent Science Communications Advisor and ex-Du Pont; Professor Vivian Moses, head of pro-biotech organisation [[Cropgen]; Professor Michael Wilson, Horticulture Research International - advisor to Lord Sainsbury's company Diatech; and one of the world's leading climate sceptics - Sallie Baliunas.[1]

Look at the links:

  • Scientific Alliance advisory board, undated, accessed March 2006.