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Just a beginning on this topic but a "gold mine" of possibilities. AI 3/7/03 21:30 (EST)

Hi, AI! I wasn't quite sure just where to insert my new domestic issue. Feel free to move it around. Considering it now, I'm wondering, due to the quantity of material which is Iraq specific, whether a separate page of Globalization:Iraq or Globalization/Iraq (whatever works best in the wiki) wouldn't be a good thing here.

I don't want to diminish the importance or relevance of the current issue in Iraq; but I'm also thinking of how to not dilute the overall awareness that globalization is a global issue. Other than Iraq, there could quickly be :U.S. :Canada :Brazil sections; each of them dealing with "the effects of globalization upon $self"

I also think it fits with the propaganda, disinformation theme of this particular pedia; that most all of the globalization process seems to entail the deceiving of victims.

submitted for collective, open, consideration, Maynard 08:11 8 Apr 2003 (EDT)
or should this be posted to the forum?

Hmmmm .. I agree about the CURRENT bent on globalization and Iraq but the links, articles, etc., that are revealing the overall "plan" is emerging .. I think that it will hold together nicely eventually.

This would probably be a good forum topic, as well. I don't really like the term "globalization," as it IS a wee bit off from the real issue -- Americanization, neo-imperialism -- which even seems to have the Red Chinese a little concerned about being "assumed". As my son has commented, it's the BORG.

another "neo-" thingy??
part of my happiness in adding the reference to Great Lakes water was in noting that globalization is NOT Americanization; it is in fact anti-American, but pro-business; the businesses generally being pro-American.

--Maynard 14:59 8 Apr 2003 (EDT)