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Non Profit and MacGovern background

Added referenced information on notarization of 2006 certificate of revival and absence of board meetings.

Added bio background on MacGovern and had to reorganize first paragraph to fit it. Editors feel free to reorganize further to make it readable and avoid giving undeserved prominence to upbringing. I do believe some information from the referenced article belongs in this article though.

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Editing information

Moving the following paragraph here, as it is confusing as currently written and relies on a questionable source (the "Executive Intelligence Review").

-- Diane Farsetta 14:58, 23 June 2009 (EDT)

On October 6, 2006, MacGovern and Gado attended the ACTA Athena Roundtable in Cambridge, Ma.[1] Also attending were Joseph Malchow, a conservative student blogger, and Frederic Franzen, soon of CEHE. Franzen reportedly approached Gado and told him that he could set up or had already set up an account with Donors Trust for anonymous funding of activities antagonistic to Dartmouth's Board of Trustees, possibly including a plaintiff's suit against the board.[2]

Also, the following passages are not unreferenced (please see SourceWatch:References for an explanation on how to add sources):

The Rodney Fund gave the Hanover Institute $4,000. (The same fund has also supported the Hanover Review and the Dartmouth Review Fund, both related to The Dartmouth Review.)
Institute Secretary Frank Gado provided public relations for the lawsuit and spoke on behalf of the plaintiff in The Dartmouth, the student newspaper.
Several weeks after the suit was filed, the Hanover Institute began a public fundraising campaign to create a $1m plaintiff's fund in support of the litigation.
The Hanover Institute took out a full-page advertisement in The Dartmouth containing an "open letter" in which MacGovern suggested that his nonprofit would sue the Trustees if they did not comply with his demands.
Note: the 2006 Certificate of Revival[citation needed] is flawed. The Notary Public who notarized the certificate does not appear to be licensed in New Hampshire[citation needed], and the notary seal purports to have been witnessed in the nonexistent Windsor County, New Hampshire.[citation needed]

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