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This is ridicule, not criticism

A brief exchange is not sufficient to be blather. They didn't mean to blather, they were just trying to get viewers interested. What they were going to see would be dramatic. Can't they say so?

Criticise the technique of building interest if you must, not the content. c.f. Bono talking about AIDS at a concert.

Bush's landing turned a serious matter to entertainment. Visa versa Bono.
The example had a point, the real exchange did not.

It's valid to make observations based on the expected reaction of the public. Liberals and conservatives try to mislead to an equal extent. Democracy is based on inane comment as the people are ignorant.

The observation made was irrelevant; the inanity was the point. However, broader observations could have been made.
They do this because it's what they think people want after looking at survey analysis. But then it's the organisers of the event to blame for the inanity.