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What I am placing here should not be considered a critique of Reisman's work, only that The Institute for Media Education looks like a front created by Reisman to add credibility to herself. I am not qualified to judge psychological works, and truthfully the Kinsey Report has in past studying been able to creep me out at times.

Is The Institute for Media Education a Front?

I am putting a bit of data regarding this org on the talk papge of a non-existent stub, because I have recently been noticing a lot of referencing to it in anti-gay literature, yet can find no solid evidence that it is a real organisation. Citations to this organisation are often gratuitous, and self-referencing.

Judith Reisman

Judith A. Reisman is listed as the president of The Institute for Media Education. It is noteworthy that the domain name used as a pointer to The organisation is drjudithreisman dot com.

This domain is registered through GoDaddy. The whois record shows:

  • Registrant: Institute For Media Education, 13326 N. 102nd Place Scottsdale, Arizona 85250 United States
  • Administrative and Technical Contact: Reisman, Judith jareisman AT (actual email address is not germane), same mailing address as above

The Institute for Media Education looks like a Tank of One, yet on the website's About: Dr. Judith Reisman page can be found:

  • "I have been asked to introduce myself so that you know something of my life and how I came to discover Kinsey's child molestation protocol, his false data, his molding of modern sex education and of western sexual culture and conduct, as well as how I came be involved in international governmental hearings on science fraud, child sexual abuse, pornography, drugs and the other critical issues of our time. I will try to touch on the points in my life which may be of most use to readers of this Kinsey expose."

Just who asked Reisman anyway?

Also from the above cited about page one finds other Reisman supplied data regarding herself:


  • M.A. 1976 in Communications, Case Western Reserve University
  • Ph.D. 1980 in Communications, Case Western Reserve University

Books Authored

  • Judith Reisman, "Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler", US Dep. Justice Grant No. 84-JN-AX-K007, 1986, 1989, 1990.
  • Judith Reisman et al., "Kinsey, Sex and Fraud", Lafayette LA: Huntington House, 1990.
  • Judith Reisman, "Soft Porn Plays Hardball", Lafayette: LA. Huntington House, 1991.
  • Judith Reisman, "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences", The Institute for Media Education, Crestwood, KY., 1998, 2000, 2003.

Listed Affiliations

With post-grad degrees in Communications, Reisman's claim of association with Statistical Scientists, Public Health Professionals, Professional Psychiatry/Psychology orgs is thin.

Although I am often loath to cite wikipedia, there is Reisman: Controversy part of her stub.

(Note to BobB: i didn't toss any rocks into the wikipedia pond...yet...)

Org Listed for Donation Request

Another interesting datapoint from the about page of Reisman's is the request for donation link:

This is another indication that the Institute for Media Education is a front.

--hugh_manateee 15:49, 6 Oct 2006 (EDT)

My Two Cents

The Sacramento PO Box belongs to both the Institute and California Protective Parents. See Google Search.

The only name on the CPP website is Karen Anderson, Director introducing another linked org Courageous Kids Network at the same PO address.

Artificial Intelligence Still looking !

Okay .. donation address for Courageous Kids is PO Box 1903, Davis, CA, which is the same address as (See Google Search):

  • Mothers of Lost Children
  • Incest Survivors Anonymous

This is interesting

From: "The Alleged Leaders - Protective Parent Group," The Children of the Underground Watch:

  • "Connie Valentine's current organization is the California Protective Parents Association that has a Web site that is hosted by the California National Organization for Women. Valentine, was once a state employee who worked with mental health patients was reassigned to administrative duties in 1993 after her appearance on a nationally televised show in which she claimed a satanic cult forced her to kill people when she was a little girl. Her organization used the underground term 'protective parent'."

This is even more interesting

  • AB 1785 places children under the control of State appointed sex authorities whose training is pseudo-science, pro-pedophile and deviancy-based (see attached report, pp. 22-32). By criminalizing 'hostility' and 'discrimination' against sexual deviants and by promoting bi/homosexuality as genetic (contraindicated by science or cross-cultural history) AB 1785 would empower child sexual predators while sabotaging the child’s ability to complain.
Senator Villaraigosa's hate/anti-American, anti-child, anti-free speech, anti-Judeo-Christian and anti-family legislation would stomp out either right or wrong "hostile" thoughts in all school children. Villaraigosa would have children torn from their parents’ and religious protection by State sex authorities whose academic curricula mandates up to 120 hours of viewing, (and often making) pornography including "erotic massage," "self massage," “fantasy,” “masturbation,” and until recently, including child pornography.
Alongside poetic references to “God,” faculty and students from San Francisco’s Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, (IASHS) America’s main sex-credentialing agency, perform illegal heterosexual and homosexual pornographic group, couple and autoerotic sexual acts displayed in the IASHS photo story album, Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality, (1977). The “academic” training, pioneered by two ministers, fulfills all the criteria for that of a pansexual religious cult. By now, this ancient pagan sex cult has trained, “sexually restructured” roughly 100,000 sex counselors, therapists, safe sex and AIDS educators, drafting children’s sex education curricula and teaching and training initiates, Kindergarten to Doctorate. Such pagan State religious sex training could violate the prohibition against religious orders proselytizing in the public schools.

Tracing Disinformation's Injection into the datastreams

One of the references I have been seeing frequently is:

The article also cites Steve Baldwin 12 times. It states that Baldwin is "executive director of the Council for National Policy." It also references a work of Baldwin's: "'Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement,' soon to be published by the Regent University Law Review."

Regent University states that it is

  • "The nation's academic center for Christian thought and action"

and was founded by Pat Robertson:

  • "Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, founder and president of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), had an inspired vision to establish a graduate-level institution that would train men and women for the challenge of representing Christ in their professions. In 1978, Robertson's vision materialized, as 77 students began classes." [1]

Baldwin's "Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement" (PDF file) can obtained through Regent University's servers. Baldwin himself provides doubts regarding his own qualifications as a homosexuality expert:

  • "The Honorable Steve Baldwin is a long time author, researcher, and speaker on homosexual issues...He is the author of two books; one on Nicaragua and one on Education. Baldwin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Pepperdine University."

A common citation in the WND article, Reisman's and Baldwin's claims about homosexuality's tendency to paedophilia is:

  • Eugene Abel et al., "Self-Reported Sex Crimes of Nonincarcerated Pedophiliacs", 2 J. InterpersonaL Violence 3, 5 (1987)

Searching the web with Google using the string {"Eugene Abel" OR "Abel, Eugene"} quotation marks included failed to offer much illumination, although some interesting claims were stated and cited on a board at Defending the Turth dot com.

The reason Eugene Abel is unilluminating is that the citation is bad. The Abel who was a part of the study is actually Gene G. Abel, M.D. this url provides the proper bibliographic citation:

  • Abel, G. G., Becker, J. V., Mittelman, M. S., Cunningham-Rathner, J., Rouleau, J. L., & Murphy, W. D. (1987). Self-reported sex crimes of nonincarcerated paraphiliacs. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2, 3 - 25.

This is a bright marker to aid in tracking this disinformation's spread in the datastreams. It is a very nice dye-marker. It points to either Reisman or Baldwin. I need to check to see who actually published first.

--hugh_manateee 17:15, 6 Oct 2006 (EDT)