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"Another" public relations firm to "set the record straight" .. but aren't these the same old guys we keep seeing everywhere else? AEI, Aspen, CFR, yada yada yada????

AI 7/31/03 08:37 (EDT)

Seems to me that this page would fit more comfortably as part of the listing for Center for International Policy -- the IPIP is not a PR company open to clients but an advocacy project established by CIP.

Fenton Communications "Case Study": "Fenton Launches Iraq Media Project. A 'War Room' Against the War"

In the summer of 2002, the Bush administration appeared ready to launch a unilateral, preventive strike against Iraq. While the hawks rolled forward, the media was rolling over.
In response, Fenton Communications and the Center for International Policy created the Iraq Policy Information Project, a "war room" media operation to promote experts and activists opposed to unilateral military action.
The goal was to slow down the rush to war by mobilizing public opinion to support "winning without war," by letting United Nations inspectors disarm Saddam Hussein. Here's how we did it: (continue to read online).

There no longer seems to be a direct link to IPIP.

3/30/04 06:54 (EST) AI