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The root of 洒lamo-fascist" is strange indeed. It really stems from the term an inversion of the term "Zio-fascist"" that many Europeans use to describe Israel's policies towards Palestinians. It is sort of a gimmick to express power by the ability to intimidating others from using "Zio-fascist" while getting high level officials to use 洒lamo-fascist"" in ever indiscriminant application to Arabs in order to exhibit the height of their influence. The people at issue, of course, are the neocons and this method of what ethologists (students of animal social behavior) call "sign display," is their attempt to intimidate critics of Israel by intimating that they sort of "own" the President. One might have to admit that this is true. With most Americans considering him a total incompetent, Bush is left to turn to the neocons; he using them, they are using him. This deceptive "sign" display is typical of neocons much like their plethora of organizations and publications and web sites-- all funded by one time loot pulses from sources not made public-- to give the impression that they are a coalition of many mass organizations. In fact, they speak for a very tiny segment of the American and Israeli Jewish communities.

Such deceptive sign display is the piloerection in the mane of male baboons. It is an uncontrollable autonomic fear reaction, but it serves to make them look a lot bigger than they really are to challengers. Such deception is the goal of the neocons, schooled in the Leninist school of propaganda deception. Speaking for a tiny sliver of American Jews, they go out of their way to seem to metastasize in order to look far more pernicious, diverse in appeal and more popular than they really are.

I predict that by 2007, when all the Evangelical pastors that pushed for Bush will have to explain how it is that America got into such a mess with all the people they endorsed in power (controlling all branches of government), the neocon- Christian-Right coalition will break. It already started fissuring when the neocons found themselves trying to undermine the exuberant of these "America is a totally Christian Nation" campaign (read Michelle Goldberg's quoting their own words book KINGDOM COME) of their Fundamentalist Christian-Zionist zealot allies because, after all, the neocons want to live in a secular America as Jews, not in Israel as "chosen people"(most neocons, I would say, are materialist atheists).

And so, anticipating trouble, the ethno-slur: "洒lamofascists" is hoped to undermine any Arab influence before the anti-Jewish campaign of the Christian Right blaming "Jewish Leftist disguised as Right-- neocon-- corrupting influence" for the state of the nation that the pastors had gone on a limb endorsing to date.

Daniel E. Teodoru

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It seems to me that the suggestion in the first sentence on this page that Islamo-fascist is a response to the use of the term "Zio-fasccist" is a bit of a stretch. While I wouldn't claim to know the precise date of origin of either Islamo-fascist or Zio-fascist a Google search on the former gets 857,000 results and the latter 569. So obviously not too many Europeans or anyone else use the term Zio-fascist. Perhaps the numbers tell the real story. --Bob Burton 23:24, 1 Sep 2006 (EDT)