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this is it for th eReno stub?

it looks like a cheesey hit piece written by a dittohead.


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  • Controversial actions involving Reno during her tenure as U.S. Attorney General included [1]
  • the Branch Davidian standoff and fire in Waco, Texas
  • the Ruby Ridge incident - see footnote below
  • the return of Elian Gonzalez to his father in Cuba

Note: The Ruby Ridge incident happened in August 1992, more than six months before Reno took office. (and before Bill Clinton, another person frequently unfairly blamed for Ruby Ridge, was even elected) It's become quite common for right-wing partisans on the Internet to attempt to blame Reno for Ruby Ridge, as a Google search for "Janet Reno" + "Ruby Ridge" will readily prove.

Agree with the writs or not, in both the Ruby Ridge and the Waco incidents, Federal Officers acting officially, serving warrants they believed in good faith to be lawful, were attacked by assailants using deadly force.

The rationale for the government acquiring the warrants is a valid line of questioning, but the officers serving them didn't deserve to be fired upon. Neither the Weavers nor the Branch Davidians had any lawful self defense rationale for their use of deadly force against federal officers. They would have been peacefully arrested and detained until bail was set and heard, or trial. They were no more righteous than the SLA or th eWeathermen were. Their status of martyr is suspect since they nailed themselves to the cross using their own tools and materials. It is evidence of the rampant moral relevancy both sides of America's political bipolarity engage in. It is nothing more than a politically biased process test as a defense of criminal acts and murderous intents.

--Hugh Manatee 03:22, 21 Nov 2005 (EST)