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Between Joe Lockhart, Mike Lux, Bill Clinton and Hillary, The biggest Rip Off this country has ever experienced, whether it be our politics, our money and our future lives, these people have and allways will try to pull the vail in front of our eyes so they could get away with doing the things they need for their personal gains. Lets only take a look a Hillary and what she has done for the state of New york since her election, are there children or families which are benefitting from what she has done for them ? NO ! She has thaught written a book on Tax Payers money since it was written during her term in which she made 4 million dollars, especially from the people of this country. We should take a strong look at California with their recent Recall of Gray Davis and see how we can do a Recall in all of the States where Politicians that follow the Clinton Doctrines, lets clean house in all of the states,including NewYork with Hillary, lets get rid of these parasites that are plaguing our society and taken advantage of the people that honored them to lead them.