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I added a ref for the cut and pasted material from Bass's website and condensed it. The following section I don't really think is worth including as it will date and is not really all that central to a profile. At best, it could be condensed and some of it added back.--Bob Burton 14:50, 11 February 2008 (EST)

Priorities: Assemblywoman Bass considers Foster Care Reform to be one of her top priorities. She has helped secure $82 million in the 2006/2007 state budget for Foster Care Reform, which is the largest increased allocation in more than a decade and develop new laws to help improve the System. Healthy Families Insurance Coverage, is another bill of Bass' that Governor Schwarzenegger signed to help prevent children from going without health insurance.
Majority Leader Bass, who is the vice chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, commissioned a report to research the basic demographic profile of Black Californians including the basic social and economic conditions. The State of Black California report included a statewide organizing effort to involve Black Californians in identifying their concerns and making legislative recommendations.
Governor Schwarzenegger has signed 17 of Assemblymember Bass’ bills into law focusing on Foster Care reform; Healthy Families Insurance Coverage to help prevent children from going without health insurance; a small business policy that removes red tape by preventing businesses from filling out duplicate certification forms for the city and state; and a measure that expands the Baldwin Hills Conservancy. She has also secured more than $2.3 million to help revitalize the historic Vision Theater in Los Angeles; and more than $600 million for Los Angeles Unified School District.