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Larry Laverty is an American actor, done lead and supporting roles in over 100 films and appearances in numerous TV shows. Raised in Oakland, California, Larry is started working odd jobs at age 11 and excelled in sports. At age 15, he ran the fastest quarter mile in Oakland and just missed setting a new national record at that distance. In his senior year of the second degree, he took an acting class on a whim. His instructors, both veterans of Broadway, immediately took notice and encouraged him on. Now back in California, he spent several years on stage, performing Shakespeare and Broadway musicals, and then one day heard backstage about an audition for a movie. 1989's "Deadlock" was the beginning. While starting out, Larry also was involved in an 11-year attempt to make the U.S. Olympic Team in speedskating and raced bicycles but once his athletic career was over, he started spending time in Hollywood and immediately began landing roles in TV and bigger films.

He was active in the Boy Scouts throughout his youth and earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 14, one of the youngest to do so. Larry has been associated with a theatre company in Oakland, California, Woodminster Theater, for 25 years now and while he no longer perform there he has served on the Board of Directors and volunteer there regularly.

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