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The following comment was relocated from Lexington Institute. There is no link attached as to its origin. However, the item provided sufficient curiosity as to stimulate exploration and creation of a file on Directed Energy Weapons, which should contain enough information to support the quote in spirit if not exactly.

"An earlier contribution to another page on a separate organisation stated (but needs checking):
My brief encounter with the Lexington Institute was over their verification of/positive comment on a "top secret" military project to create microwave weapons which would, according to the propaganda, effectively wipe out Iraq without killing anyone. This could be read as a major advance for humanity, or as yet another cynical "surgical war" sell.

Also of note should be that nearly 80 to 90% of all quotes (research, speeches, testimony before Congress/with Congressmen, and interviews with media) in support of DEW comes from the Lexington Institute ..... Loren B. Thompson and Dr. Daniel Goure ... who are also "coincidentally connected" with the Intelligence Community ...

12/03/03 07:50 (EST) AI

-- The original contribution was buried in an article about another think tank and unfortunately didn't provide any original link -- so thanks for chasing -- bob

"Sam Ryan" has just posted several editorials favoring essentially the dismantling of the US Postal Service through outsourcing and layoffs.