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I moved the observation to this page since its uncited.

(Observation: to put Robinson's remarks into perspective, it should be observed that death squads are already operating in Iraq. Dahr Jamail recently reported on death squad activities, and up to the present about 1,000 Iraqi academics have been assassinated. In some cases, threats against some of the academic appeared in US-funded newspapers, and the assassination ensued. In the case of the dean of a university there are eyewitnesses that saw a "black" mercenary from a SUV firing at the dean's car. In other words, the death squads are already operating, and it is a bit late to suggest that this is just being "considered". Note also that John Negroponte was active in Vietnam at the height of the Phoenix assassination program, El Salvador during the death squad peak, Honduras (where he was ambassador) where death squads and the contras operated, and was also responsible for Contra activities -- which included assassinations. Negroponte is the current "US ambassador" in Iraq.