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Moved from regular page since it mainly appears to be an ad for Larouche instead of an analysis:

Please read further informations and publishings about Lyndon LaRouche on and
Lyndon LaRouche is the onliest competent candidate for upcoming presidency in 2004. Read also his book "The Way to Recovery".
Lyn is in best tradition to great presidents like Lincoln and FDR. So he is encouraged to lead the Democratic Party back in the line of policy to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "New Deal" which lead the U.S. out of the great economy depression in in the 20th's and early 30th's. This is the important issue and not an imperial warfare, which will hide the discussion about a "New Deal".
Lyn was tried to stop by the DLC (Democratic Labor Commitee), namely by guys like Joe Lieberman, Tom Daschle, the Micheal Steinhard and Marc Rich network, whose let running Lieberman & Co. for them. "We don't need a second Republican Party" Ted Kennedy said. Therefore support the fight, to bring back the Democratic Party to their true tradition.
The tradition to recovery, common wellfare, the true America, which helps all people and nations in the world. Let the U.S. be that nation, to that all people in the whole world ist waiting for. Bring back the U.S. from a consumer society to a producer society. Help LaRouche.
LaRouche also was denied by the common mass media. The mass media were controlled by that network mentioned above. So please, read and listen, what Lyndon LaRouche ist telling you. It's for you and all the people. It's crucial.
Best whishes
Andre Nikolai


Some of LaRouche's own writing must be linked from this page. At least, those that are referred in other SourceWatch articles. It's just not fair to trash the guy's views and engage in propaganda without even providing a link to his real opinions. Not all of which are wacky.

Different author, personal testimonial.

I have a friend who has joined the Larouche political group based in Oakland. He works for them more than 12 hours a day, 6 days a week; the seventh day is a "reading" day in which he reads a variety of books Larouche thinks are insightful and useful. He has almost stopped visiting us and honestly believes that economic crisis is near and that Lyndon Larouche is the only one who can help our country get through this crisis; this is so important that he cannot take time off to be with us. All Larouche supporters I have met look up to Larouche as an intellectual giant, one who makes many correct predictions about future events. Most of the widely-read people who criticize Larouche, such as Dennis King and Chip Berlet, are themselves derogated by Larouche on his web site (, for example). In short, while I have no time to substantiate this claim currently, Larouche's group believes that they are only ones who can save this nation from imminent economic crisis and its current political, artistic, and scientific malaise; Larouche is one of the smartest men in America; he is widely respected abroad (this has some basis in fact); everyone else is occluded from the truth and needs to wake up, and Larouche is right about nearly everything. Lar articles are pseudo-intellectual and require research or extensive knowledge to understand. No time to support it, but I'll just say this at the end: It's a wanna-be cult. Wise up before it's too late and someone you know is gone for forever. Talk to them as much as possible, point out why they're crazy and the group is nuts (they can't be right about everything; they derogate everything as being biased against them; they don't believe that any non-classical (and some classical) music has any worth) before you lose contact and only see that person a few times a year, when you can drag their soulless body away from the clutches of this group. listen up.


Time for a reality check. Has it occurred to you, that someone who takes himself serious as a revolutionary would considerably increase the amount of time spent working and studying, while proportionately decreasing the time spent on entertainment, partying, and chillin'? You say you have "no time to substantiate" LaRouche's claims, and "no time to support" your own -- don't you feel a bit irresponsible, repeating gossip from King and Berlet, which presumably you have also had no time to substantiate? Maybe if you did a bit more studying yourself, and spent less time wallowing in entertainment, you would begin to take the world more seriously.

I reverted the edit with one minor exeception. As it is there is enough unreferenced materila in here without adding to it. The citing of a People's Daily columnist prising LLR is more puffery than all that noteworthy .--Bob Burton 04:22, 9 Dec 2005 (EST)

It was proper to remove the quote from General Paul-Albert Scherer, a former German military intelligence expert, about LaRouche, Star Wars and the Reagan administration. Scherer was (is?) neither a scientist nor an insider in American politics. However, it would be interesting to get the general's take on how LaRouche got an invitation to address a conference of Bavarian defense contractors on how, if Germany were the first to develop microwave weapons, it could rule the world.--Dennis King, 5 Jan 2006

Relocated the following opinion comment from main article. Artificial Intelligence 10:50, 3 Jul 2006 (EDT)

"Anyone who reads the summary of the racist remarks and fails to see that there is anything racist (as per the Black Ghetto mother comment actually NOT referring to black people, which anyone who made it past their second year of anthropology could agree with) in Mr. LaRouche's comments, there is a very good reason for that: they're not racist.
"Any writings by Lyndon LaRouche that are considered racist, are identified by such people who not only lack the ability to comprehend the writings of LaRouche as such, but are identified also as those who themselves have racist tendencies, and find racism in any nuance or reference to cultural backgrounds, etc."

major rewrite

A major rewrite is underway. Please be patient. Thanks.--Cberlet 11:45, 29 November 2007 (EST)

I see that both Dennis King and Chip Berlet have turned their attention to Sourcewatch, now that Wikipedia is growing less tolerant of their efforts to use it as a soapbox for their esoteric views. --The blimp 12:01, 13 July 2008 (EDT)