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  • "Sgt. Mark Seavey whom I know as e5infantry from the True Conservatism Forum..." [1] (registration required). (See below.)
  • Blogging as himself in April 2006. [2] (See below.)

1. tells murtha that he dropped out of college to go to afghanistan, but claims and seemingly did graduate from the citadel long before that, especially given his position at the american legion. Is he just refering to grad school?

2. the "True Conservatism" forum is deleted at almost the exact same time when the VFF announces its new leadership and becomes active. About April 12.

3. There is reason for Seavey to want the forum to be shut down:

  • Seavey made frequent blunt and unsavory remarks. At one point the slogan which he has used to accompany his name is "I know, I know, you'd rather be with your vibrator". He tells about a he almost was able to have sex with, but had to throw her out because "she's married to a deployed jarhead." In another post he vividly describes masturbation among the troops. "Guys would just wip it out and crank away. If they were feeling charitable, they would atleast sheath it with a sock. We used to cut the light out and jack it before we watched movies or whatever. Believe me, we were chronic over there. My buddy rubbed one out in all 26 guard towers. One time the Aussies we were working with did a circle jerk, and the first guy to finish drank for free all night. Seemed like an odd contest to me, but these were the same knuckleheads that taught me penis origami."[3] In the same thread he talks about his ritual with his troops of: "My troops slapped me on the ass and said "good game" everytime we came off a combat patrol. And I said every time "Sorry fellas, you're gonna have to blow me to get out of the army."" While these posts would be very embarrassing for a public figure, especially one who is trying to be very political, there are others which he would want to keep quiet for other reasons.
  • He defends Murtha against an attack on murtha's new anti-war stance. Seavey writes: "Normally I agree with everything Netsec says, regardless of the crap I give him. BUt on this one I do not. I love Murtha, and honor his service. Netsec, you might not know this, but Murtha is the Author of the Flag Protection Amendment. Also, Murtha before said No pull out. He was very very very opposed to a pull out. That is the change. Before he just felt we were approaching the war wrong." [4]
  • On November 20, Seavey says that he is going to write his speech that night, possibly though there is no proof his murtha speech. The thread indicates that it is in response to a recent thread, which could be the one cited about which was 2 days earlier. [5]
  • Seavey thanks the board for their help and one blogger says the he sent brad, his pentagon contact, the speech to which brad wrote back, "Just got through listening to Seavy on the Michael Reagan show. Very nice! Exactly what we, as PAO[i believe this is public affairs office], need the 29th Soldiers to sound like." Not exactly what the pentagon would like getting out. [6]
  • Following his appearance on CNN he wrote: "my hero, Ed Gillespie, who called my house 3 minutes after it was over, and asked my housemeate to ask me to address the GOP Women of Virginia meeting in February. Mrs George Allen will be in attendance." [7]

So thoughts and comments? --TruthAbove 10:33, 14 Jun 2006 (EDT)


  • Profile: 8364 posts since June 12, 2003. He's a global user, so there may well be other forums where he has posted.
  • Photo:
  • Quoted: "Today on patrol I rode a donkey, a camel and a child's bicycle with purple and pink streamers hanging from the handlebars. ... That ought to end the threat of the Taliban."
  • Blog Comments on Hot Air: here and here.

Other Blogs

  • "Thanks for making me famous! Hope you guys liked my comments, I was so pissed off and nervous up there I wasn't even certain what I had said. ... I think my 15 minutes of fame is up, but I liked hitting Moran like that. What a piece of work that guy is." Posted by Mark Seavey at January 7, 2006 05:18 AM Mudville Gazette.
  • Posted (comment follows) on
  • Posted All Things Beautiful, April 20, 2006:
"I don't neccessarily think you should make too much of all this. The Taliban was never extinguished in Afghanistan to begin with. I got back from there in August, and not a day went by that we weren't engaged somewhere. I think this is a bit of hyperbole.
"As for the Heroin, there is nothing else that grows there. If you eradicate all the poopy fields, you will anger the local hadjis, and then you might as well give the Gov't back to the Taliban, because you will have given them a campaign issue they can't lose on.
"Lastly, of course there are crooked folk in the Stan. Always has been. BUt if you put the crooks in charge for a while, atleast you don't have chaos. Eventually the Democratic ideals will come to the surface, and all will be well. The 'Mayor of Kabul' (as some of us heard Karzai referred to) is a good guy in a very bad spot. Give him time. In the meantime, let the SF boys do their work dragging the militants out into the sunlight."
"Unfortunately, in this particular case, I think saying nothing is probably best. Trust me, there are plenty of special ops dudes running around there. Everytime the administration takes credit for anything there, or gets hardline, the opposing elements in 'stan get all fired up. Afghanistan is a country that moves very slowly. Give the people a chance, and it will shine through, and Democracy will take full bloom, but its going to be a bit of time. In the meantime, the ANA is being trained, and is engaging the extreme elements. I think that Afghanistan is on track.
"If I do have one fear, it is that I don't know what Afghanistan can ever produce that will be worth exporting. One of my troops once said 'Just look around... Sometime centuries ago, a guy wandered into this area and said this would be a great place to settle down. He must have been a complete moron, and as far as I can tell, so are his decendants.' While not a Condi-esque statement, it was pretty hard to argue with."

Seavey/Zirkle: Woodstock, VA

Seavey, like Wade Zirkle, comes from the Woodstock, VA, area:

"Mark Seavey, Co-Founder Mark Seavey is a former Army Sergeant and recently returned from Afghanistan where he served with the Third Battalion, 116 Infantry, based in Woodstock, Virginia. He resides in Alexandria, Virginia." --VFF. website.


"No wonder there are going to be some troops like Sgt Seavey who are going to be easy for the right-wing media to exploit. They have been doing it for over a decade. You saw my links in the previous article. Sgt Seavey is the hero on every right-wing media outlet on-line and he has never been to Iraq. He will now make the radio and TV media circuit to build a case that anyone who criticizes how the War in Iraq is going is unpatriotic. Guess what Seavey will not be the first Soldier or Marine they will USE. Next they will bring out parents of the fallen to tell us all how UNPATRIOTIC we are for not letting more or our sons and daughters “fight and die” for Bush’s Noble Cause in Iraq." --Veteran for Common Sense, January 15, 2006 (cache).