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I feel that it is unfair that I have just heard of your complaint about Stolen Honor. I feel that you do have a right to complain that it is unfair to air the show, if that is the way you feel. I do not hear you complaining about Farenheight 911 as well. This movie is just as bad or worse than Stolen Honor. Stolen Honor is listed as a documentary just like F 911, if Stolen Honor can not be seen, then neither should 911. You can't say that one movie or documentary is breaking the law without including all the movies or shows in the same catagory. If you want people like me who are undecided and watching carefully all of the information coming out, then I suggest that you become fair and unbiased instead of accusing other people and companies about bias just because it is not what you want to hear. I watched F911 and I feel that I have just as much right to see Stolen Honor.