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Melanie Phillips (b. 1951) is a British neocon journalist and author. According to her own website:

Born in 1951, Melanie read English at St Anne's College, Oxford before training as a journalist on the Evening Echo, Hemel Hempstead. After a short period on New Society magazine, she joined the Guardian in 1977 and soon became its social services correspondent and social policy leader writer. After a stint as the paper's news editor, she started writing her column in 1987, taking it to the Observer and then the Sunday Times before starting to write for the Daily Mail in December 2001.[1]

Phillips has often written about Israel in her columns. She also has engaged in smearing and attacking European Muslims. Her book Londonistan spewed fear about the possible Islamic takeover of Europe. Phillips is married to the Daily Telegraph's legal expert, Joshua Rozenberg.


Phillips has often written against Arabs, Muslims, and Iranians. She was one of the interviewees in The Third Jihad, an offensive anti-Islamic film produced by the Clarion Fund [2]

Posture on Global Warming

Melanie Phillips is a prominent skeptic or denier of Anthropogenic Global Warming. She habitually takes the stance that the earth is in fact getting cooler. Melanie Phillips is represented as the Queen of Diamonds on George Monbiot's Top 10 Climate Deniers[3].On 26th November 2010 she appeared on BBC's flagship current affairs discussion programme Question Time [4] and said that Global Warming is a scam, also that "the earth is getting cooler not hotter", "the ice is not decreasing it is increasing",and " polar bear numbers are increasing". She offered no supporting evidence.

Memorable Quotes

In this March 2003 profile of her in The Guardian, she is quoted as saying:[5]

I've been very influenced by what's called the neo-con movement. They're not conservatives. They define themselves famously as - and this is exactly how I would define myself - as liberals who have been mugged by reality.


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