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After visiting the Middle East Quarterly web profile on to which PaulR directed my attention -- specifically, the personal profile of Martin Kramer-- I see that the SW MEQ article is copied from that website and that the various sections are not linked to the originals. Perhaps some editing and linking are needed here? Just asking . . . Artificial Intelligence 12:27, 15 Apr 2005 (EDT)

can you be more specific?


Can you be more specific? As far as i can see all links are live.

Kind rgds PaulR

Getting specific: ... until I followed your link to Martin Kramer, I would never have noticed that the SW "article" is nearly identical to the article. As I had understood that SW was trying to avoid doing this, as the same material exists on the other website, I was hinting that some editing or condensing of the cited material might be a good idea. If you're happy with it and SW is happy with it, leave it be. Artificial Intelligence 14:09, 15 Apr 2005 (EDT)

it will be expanded

AI: the section will be expanded, and will also add entry on Kramer... will have to wait until after my next trip. Kind rgds