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New material needing citations

SourceWatch has a policy of strict referencing, and so I am parking the additions below until citations can be added by the initiator of this addition or others. Thank you! Lisa Graves, Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy, publisher of SourceWatch

Allegations of lying

Gallagher is plagued by allegations that he lies about those who protest his views or dissent from him.[citation needed] For example, a website called Wing TV (add link) has stated that Mike Gallagher lied about about them.[1] For example, this website states that Mike Gallagher hyped an event that took place on October 22, 2004 in State College, PA.[citation needed] Members of this site attended the event and stated that Gallagher got nervous and kicked them out of the event even though they weren't protesting the event but just attending.[citation needed] (propose deleting or clarifying the following sentences--meaning is unclear and a little repetitive: Gallagher stated that these individuals but they had informed the policy and Holiday Inn (where it took place) that they would be attending. Hardly the actions of alleged stalkers that Gallager labeled it to be. Hardly stalking and hardly an example of a talk show host with the courage to face those who might disagree with him.)[2] Other allegations against Gallagher is that he has lied on air (while hiding in a bus) about protestors against him being violent[citation needed] and that he has lied in the past on his show by stating that no caller called to challenge him on certain topics, while his producer turned away or hung up on callers who called to disagree.[citation needed]

Southern Apologist

Mike Gallagher is an apologist for the most reactionary groups in the South, those who wish to further the myth that the US Civil war had nothing or little to do with the question of slavery.[citation needed] Even conservative talk shows often disagree with this assessment, pointing out that though the Civil War wasn't directly over slavery, indirectly it was because without the heated question of slavery, secession would have never happened.[citation needed] The John Brown affair, Bleeding Kansas, Slave Fugitive Acts and other incidents led to heated emotions in both regions of the country. Indeed, every state that seceded from the Union to the Confederacy mentioned that slavery was a primary factor in why they seceded.[citation needed] (Suggest reframing this conclusion and the following sentences so they can be attributed to a source: That four border states did not in fact seceded was just proof that the pro-slavery segment of those states were not as strong as those in North Carolina or Mississippi. With these facts ignored Mike Gallagher has played to his strong Southern conservative audience who wishes for a view of their history that is noble. Though of course many Confederates fought with great courage and valor and did not support slavery and many Southerners today are not progressive in their views and regret their region's association with slavery.)