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Note, however, even though the agreement with the WH takes current staffers off the table, it does not preclude witnesses, i.e. former staffers, who could be called to impeach testimony given by Bush, Cheney, et al. Then, the game could definitely be afoot .... especially since the Bushies may have closed the barn door well after the horse is gone!

3/31/04 11:08 (EST) AI

Note to M .. I noticed that you simplified my entry ... thanks. However, I just want to comment that I had added the paragraph-by-paragraph external links since it appears to have become a bone of contention with bob that I do not manage to post those everywhere possible. I feel that citing the source link once is sufficient. AI

to my eye, ... the way it is set up now, with all quoted content indented, .... is unambiguously quoted. If it's not clear to others, I've no objection to their adding the redundant references ([ibid.] preferred, rather than make it look like multiple sources), or other clarification. --M