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User:Nonhispanic surname‎ posted the following comment onto the article page which I have relocated here.--Bob Burton 00:54, 17 May 2009 (EDT)

Should read: Catholic Charitis derives income from Congress each year of approximately $100 million plus ther individual counties are entitles to 'donate' to charity 10 to 15 percent of each county's annual receipt of federal Community Redevelopment Block Grant Funds, so they have a tidy share of 'charity funding' if La Raza is associated with Catholic Charities, and for some odd reason, I really think they might. Especially since the Community Development link below has no reference to La Reaza, seems to be a slight slip as to funding sources. Besides, La Raza relates to an Hispanic surname, not indigenous origins, and seems to be equalivant to calling a person a national of Mexico, and if no other person than a Mestizo may be a citizen of Mexico, it appears La Raza is fundamentally racist. Besides, every Chicano in California since 1969 has considered it his God given right to beat the daylights out of any Anglo who dared enter the marked territory of a Chicano. Gee La Raza, not a racist organization that promotes violence and race related violence? Of course not--its cultural!