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Internet Persona

Norris has many blogs and Internet sites connected to his activities. Under the persona of a "superhero" he openly posts under the name "Environmentman". He has claimed on a number of Political Message boards that he is paid by conservative organizations by the word for his contributions to combat "Liberal" views.

McDonald has an uncountable amount of posts where his views have been widely spread. Known by many as an Internet "Troll" he has been quoted as stating "One drop of black blood and you self identify as being 'black.'" when refering to others. On sex he has stated "I would make fornication a misdeamenor and adultery a felony.". On Race issues he has stated this, "America is still two societies, one black and one white [except for the workplace and that is in the service of the almighty capitalism]. Doesn't bother me that much. I live in a black community and am perfectly happy."

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