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Hey, I'm not saying Tony's necessarily completely right about this -

now im not saying that Charles Johnson and Roger L. Simon are in bed with the Bush Administration, or the Instapundit. those guys are fair and balanced. any time the Republicans make horrible mistakes, the first people to point them out are Little Green Footballs and Professor Reynolds.
but i am saying that in light of the latest example of Propaganda from Above - Pajamas Media is starting to look fishier and fishier.

But what if he's on the right track?  It's worth speculating about, surely - after all, they did it in Iraq.  It would explain the Pajamistas' fake ads, and why they aren't even trying to fix their crappy website.    Anyway, check out his argument - why im so glad im not a Right Wing Blogger in 2005-2006 or a member of Pajamas Media

Later, from tony's comments - -Uh-oh, looks like Tony hit a nerve.  Pajamaman Jeff Goldstein comes out brandishing rhetorical sledgehammers...