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Relocate unref'd material from the page on Patrick Moore's nukes work. --Bob Burton 21:25, 22 January 2007 (EST) Patrick Moore: The Biography he'd Rather Keep Secret

Patrick Moore was born in 1947 in Port Alice on northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. His father was a logger and past president of the B.C. Truck Loggers Association. In 1971 Moore joined Greenpeace for their first protest against US nuclear testing in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. In 1972 Moore completed his Ph.D. on "The Administration of Pollution Control in B.C., A Focus on the Mining Industry." at the Institute of Animal Resource Ecology UBC

He worked on many high profile Greenpeace campaigns including whaling and sealing. He left Greenpeace in 1984 to begin salmon farming up on Vancouver Island. Moore supported fish farming despite its harmful affects on the marine environment, and in 1986 became president of the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association. This era marked a major turning point in Moore's philosophy around environmental issues as the salmon aquaculture industry was and still is actively advocating "predator control programmes" which mean shooting and killing seals, sea lions and bears, and the industry's use of Acoustic Harassment Devices to chase whales away from salmon farms with underwater sonic blasts

By 1991 Moore was in serious financial trouble due to his fish farm business. Shortly after packing up the business, he approached the newly formed B.C. Forest Alliance, a timber industry front group who portrays itself as unbiased and objective. Because of his past affiliation with Greenpeace, his offer to the Forest Alliance was accepted and he has been a spokesperson for the BC logging industry ever since.

Moore also founded 'Greenspirit' in 1991, an environmental consulting firm. Projects have included advocating turning part of a rare local wetland called Burns Bog into a golf course and promoting a plan to barge garbage from Vancouver up to northern Vancouver Island.

In 1995 he authored a book entitled 'Pacific Spirit - The Forest Reborn', which sought to revive 1950's tired forest industry rhetoric in defence of the BC logging industry. Much of the pseudo-science in his book has since been discredited by leading scientists around the world.

Moore currently resides in Vancouver. He performs a variety of roles for the logging industry including hounding environmentalists, defending the industry on talk shows and writing articles for various media, all paid for of course by the BC logging industry.

Quotes On Patrick Moore:

"Judas Iscariot had the decency to hang himself after betraying Jesus. Moore...can't even be persuaded to shut his mouth."

Paul Luke, Business Reporter, The Province Newspaper, BC

When asked why he started a fish farm, Patrick replied: "To make money" Jonathan Mayer, Fish Biologist and former employee of Patrick Moore

"Dr. Patrick Moore may be a good marine biologist and a former founder of Greenpeace but he is presently paid by the timber industry to deliberately mislead the public and politicians about the acceptability of aggressive logging practices." Dr Leonie Jacobs University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, 1996

"Personally, each time I read something by this megalomaniacal crackpot I get the urge to hurl. Now he's peddling his propaganda and lies in the United States." Chris Genovali Western Canada Wilderness Committee

(The above material and other material about Patrick Moore can be found at Forest Action Network;