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Re reversion: "...the Bush administration requested a defense budget of $379 billion, which equates almost exactly to 3.8 percent of the GDP."

The wording in the original entry was correct in that it cites from the article from which the text was taken .. There is no reason to change the phrase "defense budget" to "military budget".

AI 4/14/03 18:20 (EST)

Where does military research fit into this budget? There are many programs to create weird things, e.g. w:cognotechnology, w: persuasion technology and w:Talk:weapon of mass destruction <--- really scary list of new WMD proposals including genetically f**ked insects whose bites exude drugs.

Does this "Pax" rely on weapons so horrific that no one dares destabilize the US government for fear of who will get their hands on them? I suspect so.