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Time to Update this Article

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The article is a joke

SourceWatch should be ashamed. Paul is a multiply-convicted felon who uses services like this to attempt to burnish his reputation. He inflates his minor business successes, leaves out the failures, firings, theft, flights from prosecution, extradiction, conviction, jail time, etc. Five minutes with Lexis/Nexis would demonstrate what a disservice you are doing here. Rufus 14:42, 2 January 2007 (EST)

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His efforts during 2000 to hire Bill Clinton, after he left the White House in 2001, resulted in his underwriting and executive producing The Hollywood Gala Tribute Concert and Salute to President Clinton in August, 2000. Paul hired Grammy producer Gary Smith to produce the largest private concert ever produced and unseen by the public. The Gala was also the largest fund-raising event for Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. Hillary Clinton's efforts to hide Paul's role as her largest campaign contributor resulted in the criminal prosecution of her finance director and the FEC settlement with her campaign treasurer that forced an admission of filing false reports that hid more than $721,000 contributed by Paul.

When Paul discovered that Bill Clinton, acting through his agent Jim Levin, interfered with the funding of Stan Lee Media in November, 2000, causing the company's collapse, and when Paul discovered that Hillary's campaign filed a false FEC report in January 2001, hiding more than $1.2 million in Paul's cash in-kind contributions to Hillary's campaign, Paul turned on the Clintons and became a whistle blower.

His allegations that the amount and origin of his cash in-kind contributions of almost $2 million "were disguised in order to hide his involvement with Hillary's campaign ..." were corroborated in FBI affidavits in 2002, in the case presented by Justice Department Prosecutors in its trial of Hillary's finance director David Rosen for election fraud, in an ABC 20/20 exclusive interview in July 13, 2001, and in a landmark civil fraud suit filed in Los Angeles.

On January 26, 2006 the FEC published on its web site ( that Hillary's Joint Fundraising Committee, New York Senate 2000 and its treasurer, Andrew Grossman, admitted to filing false reports with the FEC that hid more than $721,000 in contributions made by Peter Paul.

On January 30, 2006 Hillary Clinton's soft money Senate campaign committee, NY Senate 2000, filed a fourth amended FEC report that admitted $839,000 had been contributed by Paul through two of his holding companies, and it falsely attributed $225,000 as being personally contributed by Spider Man creator Stan Lee. Stan Lee maintained in sworn testimony that he gave no money to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. Hillary Clinton is now being called a liar by Spider Man's father!

On March 14, 2006, a seven-part series about Hillary Clinton, entitled "The Fraudulent Senator", was published by the conservative The New Media (formerly The Contributors to the articles include Joan Swirsky, Justin Darr, A.J. DiCintio, Noel Sheppard and New Media Journal managing editor Frank Salvato.

On April 7, 2006, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge hearing Paul's civil fraud and coercion case against the Clintons and their associates, for causing the collapse of Stan Lee Media by Clinton's efforts to go into business with Paul's Japanese partner, Tendo Oto, ordered that Bill Clinton et al be tried on March 27, 2007. This opened the way for discovery and the depositions of a President and a Senator for committing a million dollar business fraud in order to generate the largest donation to the Senator's first election campaign.

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Paul's Early Career

"In the 1970s, before even turning 30, Paul was a prominent civic leader in Miami, having become president of the city's World Trade Center," John Dorschner wrote in the Miami Herald. Paul directed various anti-Castro activities in connection with his international law practice and orchestrated what Time Magazine named "the Cuban Coffee Caper" in 1978, which exposed Fidel Castro's ongoing frauds against the Soviet Union in his acquiring and selling black market coffee as Cuban coffee to Russia for a greatly increased subsidized price. Time Magazine wrote a full page story on the affair in its February 12, 1979 issue.

Paul relocated to California in 1985, where he was appointed by California Governor Deukmejian as President of the California Bicentennial Foundation for the US Constitution with the help of Ronald Reagan and his Los Angeles Kitchen Cabinet. Paul worked closely with former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger for the three-year commemoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Paul co-produced Reagan's Welcome Home Dinnerin Beverly Hills ten days before Reagan left the White House January 20, 1989.

Paul co-founded the American Spirit Foundation in 1989 with legendary actor Jimmy Stewart, dedicated to harnessing entertainment industry resources to reverse the failure of youth at risk in public schools. The Foundation also assisted democracy movements in the former Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact and People's Republic of China. Paul worked with Boris Yeltsin's staff, Lech Walesa and the ambassadors of the People's Republic of China as a liason with the entertainment industry in a variety of projects. Stan Lee was tapped by Paul and Stewart to chair the Foundation leading to the relationship between Paul and Lee that resulted in the formation of Stan Lee Media in 1998.

Paul entered into the business of Hollywood when he began packaging celebrity books and associated literary agent wunderkind (who discovered Tom Clancy) Robert Gottlieb, in packaging "Men From Earth" by Apollo XI Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, "The Autobiography of Muhammad Ali" by Thomas Hauser, "Tony Curtis: The Autobiography" with Barry Paris.

In 1992 he set out to create his own "media icon" and masterminded the introduction of a retired male model from Italy as the first male Romance Novel writer. He turned Fabio Lanzoni into Fabio, the best selling novelist and spokesman and icon for romance and women's issues in the media. By the end of 1993, with Fabio on the cover of People Magazine and featured on Entertainment Tonite more than any Hollywood celebrity, Fabio became an International best selling novelist, calendar figure, recording artist, fragrance promoter and the spokesman for "I Cant Believe Its Not Butter". Paul arranged for Fabio to be honored with Justice Scalia and Danny DeVito by the National Italian American Foundation where Fabio picked up First Lady Hillary Clinton by her derriere and had her engage in various Romance poses with him.

In 1998, Paul liberated his close friend, creator of Spider Man, X-Men et al Stan Lee, from Marvel Comics so they could found an online superhero production and animation studio, Stan Lee Media. By 2000, Stan Lee Media became the leading online super hero animation studio in Hollywood. It employed 165 producers, animators, artists and writers and won the Web Award for the best Entertainment Portal on the web in 2000. SLM went public in August, 1999 and by February, 2000, the company had a market value of $360 million. Paul used his internet wealth to attempt to hire Bill Clinton to work with him and the company when Clinton was to leave the White House in January, 2001.

According to allegations in Paul's landmark fraud lawsuit against the Clintons, Bill Clinton's interference with Paul's Japanese partner, who Clinton secretly went into business with through his liaison Jim Levin in November, 2000, resulted in the loss of promised funding for SLM in November, 2000, when the NASDQ collapse shuttered more than 250 internet companies. Stan Lee Media closed in December, 2000 as a result and Paul relocated to Brazil where he had a language company since 1997.

From Brazil Paul began blowing the whistle on the Clintons and others in February, 2001. In June, 2001, Paul was indicted in New York for one count of violating SEC Regulation 10(b)5 in manipulating the price of Stan Lee Media stock in order to save the company.

In 2001, after being detained in Brazil, where he was legally living for eight months before an SEC indictment in New York in June, 2001, "acting on a request from U.S. prosecutors, Brazilian police arrested Paul in August 2001 and held him in a Sao Paulo facility while he while he fought extradition." [1]

In September 2003, "his legal defenses finally failed and he was moved to the Brooklyn, N.Y., Metropolitan Detention Center," Dorschner reported. [2]

Paul's Representation by Public Interest Law Firms

In order to obtain representation that Paul believed could not be intimidated by the Clintons and others, Paul was blowing the whistle on, he first associated Judicial Watch, a Washington-based public watch dog group, in 2001, and then when Judicial watch violated its ethical responsiblities to him and diverted millions it raised for his litigation to its own benefit, Paul discharged Judicial Watch and associated U.S. Justice Foundation, based in California, to litigate his claims against the Clintons.

Ian Urbina reported March 15, 2005, in the New York Times that "Peter Paul turned on the Clintons with a vengeance, claiming that they bilked him out of nearly $2 million in campaign donations" and his "pursuit ... was championed by Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that has sued the Clintons repeatedly over the years."

However, Urbina says, "now Judicial Watch and Mr. Paul are battling each other. Mr. Paul says that the organization used his case solely to draw donations while doing little to solve his legal troubles. Last week, Judicial Watch filed court papers in California seeking to sever ties with Mr. Paul, who has, in turn, threatened to sue the group for nearly $1 million." [3]