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My first annoyance with the Huber article was neglecting to mention that thalidomide is entantiomeric.

From the above link:

Thalidomide is an example of a racemic drug, in which one enantiomer produces a desirable antiemetic effect, whereas the other is toxic and produces a teratogenic side-effect. However, the enantiomers are converted into each other in vivo, so chemical processes may not be used to mitigate its toxicity.

I didn't know about the in-vivo conversion until I read this. However, my initial annoyance concerning his account of thalidomide caused me to make a closer reading of the Vaniqa fable he presents, and the full story turns out quite different than his short description wishes to depict matters.

MaxEnt 08:00, 3 Aug 2006 (EDT)