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References Needed

I have moved the following assertions from the main page to this talk page until adequate citations are added. SourceWatch has a policy of strict referencing. Thank you! Lisa AT

Phil Knight is one of the leaders in the last 30 years in destroying the manufacturing base of the United States by encouraging the production of products (in this case shoes and other clothing) overseas where workers are paid a fraction of what the shoes cost.[citation needed] This has not led to a decrease in the price of shoes but an increase as Nike targets urban areas for their overpriced shoes while at the same time helping to destroy the very manufacturing bases where shoes and other clothing were once made.[citation needed] There are many on the right and the left who understand that the destruction of manufacturing to pad the profits of the likes of Mr. Knight are not a way to build a strong economy, especially in economic downturns.[citation needed] These critics state that companies and nations that wish to export to the US should have to abide by higher standards and that tariffs might have to be imposed unless wages and labor standards are not raised.[citation needed] After all, it is hard for loyal US manufacturers who employ US workers to compete if disloyal corporations move overseas to employ workers at 19th century conditions.[citation needed]