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Presidential Airways, Inc. is a sister company to Aviation Worldwide Services, LLC (AWS), both of which are owned by Blackwater USA, Melbourne, FL. [1]

Planes Registered to Presidential

Presidential was previously the registered owner of the following planes. [2]

  • N824MG - Learjet 55 - s/n 106 The number now registered to "Lear II, LLC," Bellevue, WA.
  • N825MG - Learjet 55 - s/n 055 The number is now registered to "Lear I, LLC" Bellevue, WA.
  • N828MG - Gulfstream III - s/n 409. The number no longer assigned. The plane was sold to Raleigh Holdings.
  • r-N829MG (N259SK) - Gulfstream III - s/n 327 The plane was sold by Mark J. Gordon to S&K Aviation, LLC (S&K) and renumbered.
  • r-N259SK (ex N829MG) - Gulfstream III - s/n 327 The plane was sold to S&K.

Presidential is the curent (January 2006) owner of the following:

  • N962BW - CASA C-212-200 - s/n 290

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