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A bit of this doesn't stand up to a check of the facts (and it sounds fairly partisan), so I moved it here:

"There is no code of practice analagous to the Hippocratic oath that PR workers are obliged to follow. PR firms are completely unregulated; they are not even self-regulating. They are therefore free from any moral, professional or social obligation to tell the truth, or refrain from harming people. They are under no moral obligation to refuse work that is in support of dictatorships, evil corporations, government deception, and anyone else who is against the public good.

"There are some firms that work from a moral basis, refusing to promote products like Tobacco, but the public perception is that "PR is bad", because there is always a PR firm that will enthusiastically take up these harmful anti social campaigns, and they are as creative and technically literate, if not more so, than the moral firms."

See Google search on PR codes of ethics

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I rolled back the changes adding links to the Wikipedia pages -- those pages were either puff for a PR software product or a rather soft description of what the PR industry is and does.--Bob Burton 17:17, 16 May 2009 (EDT)