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Is this article about ALL rebuilding initiatives, or only the Heritage Foundation initiatives? (noting that ANY rebuilding is "domestic policy") For instance, many N'leans residents, have agendas initiatives also.

Sorry, please stand by ... busy painting bull's-eye on derrière at the moment.

AI, your article still headlines the Heritage Foundation initiatives as if they were the only ones. There are, of course, others, even better ones. For starters, here's one from American Progress which is just as valid, and I hope to stumble across, or arrange time to discover, others as well. Before I barge in here and do something significant and potentially upsetting, I offer you the opportunity to integrate these in a manner graceful to you. Thanks.
--Maynard 14:38, 19 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Feel free to barge in and start off a new intro .. I only started with what was at hand and obviously the data base has grown.

However, what I did see as a constant, and that may be a bias on the part of the writers I read, is that the Heritage Foundation's role keeps coming up. In fact, I think that I mentioned it somewhere .. or may have only read it .. that Bushco folks were AT the Heritage Foundation physically hammering out what to do next right after the hurricane struck.

Do go read Talk:James Lee Witt and then wash your face, hands and anything else that needs it ... these folks are so doggone sickening. Artificial Intelligence 15:32, 19 Sep 2005 (EDT)